About the Writer

A sojourner through life, I’m also a student of humanity, gardner, photographer, writer, backyard philosopher and theologian who’s addicted to news, reading and ice cream.

I have traveled much of my life and worked a great many jobs, learning skills as diverse as cooking an omelette to shrink-sleeving pipe, designing a database to estimating concrete. I’ve shared a table with South Americans in exile (during apartheid) and millionaires wearing overalls.

Happily married, with one four-legged daughter, I’ve lived in the Rocky Mountains courtesy of three states, the wet side of the Pacific Northwest, the Netherlands (also known as Holland) and am currently in the Permian Basin of Texas, land of oil & gas, Mojo, grouse, lizards, roadrunners, coyotes and hawks. And dust.

My experience has taught me that appearances are deceiving, and it’s worth digging deeper. Everyone has a story if someone is willing to listen.lizard