Welcome to Grace by the Cup!

A white cup and saucer with red rosebuds on them
Bavarian made coffee cup and saucer, ca. 1979. Photo © Martha Schafer

Here you will find observations and musings on life, humanity, spirituality and whatever else crosses my mind, with the occasional rant or snark. (Nobody’s perfect.) Each week or so I will publish something new with the aim to inspire, get folks thinking, or just share a good laugh, a “cup at a time”.

After each essay will be an opportunity for you, the reader, to respond with questions, thoughts and disagreements. Your experiences are different than mine, and I would love to hear your perspective, whether we agree or don’t. In a time of polarities, I want to celebrate and encourage thoughtful discourse and the willingness to look through another’s eyes.

That is how we grow. ©

Readers’ comments will follow on the same page. Please note that all comments will be moderated, so if you can’t be civil, don’t bother. Trolls will be tossed under the bridge where they belong.

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